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Tenant Management is another service line which cater there need to management rentals, and other maintenance related to the property. Non-Resident and other people staying away from their property can be benefited by this service.

What you will have to do to manage tenants for your property?

Non Resident and their beneficiaries, also those who require our service are required to post order and/or register to us thus by submitting the details about the property.

What we do as we get your order?

1. Rental assistance (if the property is vacant)
2. Communications with the tenants-

On your behalf, LGI’s executive will explain the legal issues and responsibilities to your tenant(s). The following items will be discussed with the tenant(s).
– Rent issues- Amount of rent, payment date, escalation in  rent as per contract, advance
– Rent and any other payments
– Duration of lease contract
– Areas of property that can be used and those that is out   bound
– Regular maintenance of property interior and exterior
– Terms and conditions about the repairs and maintenance  in the contract
– Any other legal clauses in the lease contract that need to  be explained
– To understand the terms and conditions of your lease  contract (if already existing), we  would require a copy of  the rental agreement with your tenant.

3. Regular Property Inspection

A periodic property inspection shall be conducted by LGI’s team to check the condition of the property. Such inspection would include both the interiors and exteriors of the property. Exterior checks will be done on monthly basis by our Executive at the time of rent collection. An Interior check will be done once every quarter by a manager and the property Inspection report will be mailed across to you.

4. Assist in Inventory Check while giving possession and vacating

Inventory checks will be made at the time of entry of the tenant into your property. if there is an existing tenant, we can conduct inventory check at the time of quarterly inspection. A complete check of inventory will be done, when the tenant is vacating the property and a detailed list of all assets and their conditions will be made. It will compared against the inventory list annexed to the rental agreement and appropriate suggestions will be given to you based on the Terms and Conditions of the rental agreement.

5. Assist in Payment of Bills

All the details about the utility bill payments like Property Tax, Water, Electricity, etc. will be maintained in our database and a request note for the payments will be sent to you well before the final payment date. After the receipt of payments, it will be paid to the concerned. Receipts will be maintained in your case file and can also be sent to you on request.

6. Assist in Repairs and Maintaining

Tenants can get in touch with us for all major maintenance work (they are expected to do minor work and bear the cost of consumables required for upkeep of the property). Upon request for maintenance work by tenants, a physical visit will be made to assess the work requirement within a reasonable time.

What we offer in tenant management?

Client representing service
Charges will be Ten (10) percent of the annual rental value of the property.