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Rental assistance (Property Management services) formed to cater the needs and to serve Non resident, migrated and overseas worker Filipinos staying outside but has invested here. We take care of your properties in your absence.

Our rental service is of great advantage for non-resident Filipinos and to people who stay away from their property who need their property to be rented out.

What you will have to do to rent out your property?

Non-Resident and their beneficiaries in the Philippines, also those who require our services are required to post order and/or register to us thus by submitting the details about the property.

What we do as we get your order?

1. Inspect the property

2. Evaluate the property for the potential rental income

3. Advertise through our company hoarding in the locality

4. Advertise in and other online sources

5. Represent the client

6. Visits to show the property to potential customers

7. Background check for the potential customer

8. Negotiate on the clients behalf to get the best deal

9. Finalizing the lease agreement.

We ensure your convenience in finding a suitable tenant with no hassle.

What we offer in rental assistance?

We ensure your convenience in finding a suitable tenant with no hassle.

Client representing service-

One month brokerage will be charged, if the deal gets finalized by us in the time period of service being provided.