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LAGMAN – GARCIA INC. (LGI) is a 100% Filipino and family owned and controlled corporation registered under SEC registration No. CS 200913722. Equipped with all the knowledge, facilities and services required of a firm, LGI is a company engaged in property management, general construction, planning and design and real estate development.

The company is a proud licensed contractor of the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) under license no. 37279 and has various exposures on different undertakings and development from refurbishment projects, planning and design, up and until full blown construction of houses, buildings, offices, columbarium, civil engineering works and even infrastructure projects.


The LAGMAN – GARCIA INC. (LGI) is a mind product of husband and wife Mr. Joe Guevarra Lagman and Ms. Nesely Nolie Clidoro Garcia. Having been exposed with real estate and construction business for thirty (30) years along with their experiences in the private company and their know – how in real estate and construction they first decided to established the “Sater Philippines”.

Sater Philippines has its own ups and down. Various opportunities came during the first year, from residential renovation and interior designing to house and building construction. Striving after its second year Sater Philippines decided to have its chance in other line of business and started offering other services. It decided to venture into hardware industry (CHASTEN TRADING) and started providing design services (J. G. LAGMAN DESIGN AND BUILDERS).

With the development and growth of the J.G. Lagman Design and Builders and the flourishing of the hardware industry, a new corporation was born in the name of LAGMAN-GARCIA INC. with a vision of providing good and quality projects, establishing business ethics, giving priority on trust and honesty and continuous dedication in gaining the satisfaction and meeting the needs of their valued clients.


At present, the company has triumphantly completed an almost 40 projects and is currently connected with various property development companies. LAGMAN-GARCIA INC. is equipped and prepared for projects ranging from medium to high end class, including high-rise structures.
The company seeks to introduce modern technology and techniques in construction which includes but are not limited to Closed Circuit Television as part of the building’s security measures (CCTV), the use of PP-R pipes manufactured directly from Germany and termite prevention using the piping system. Through the Company’s unique modern planning and design techniques, LAGMAN-GARCIA INC. has never failed to provide the quality and product every client expects.
All of the above plus the incessant booming of the hardware industry (CHASTEN TRADING), its new engagement into another line of business beneath the names of SPRINGVILLE GARDEN’S CAFÉ and CAFÉ LANZO, the Company’s continuous desire to innovate and grow are the things that make LGI a company on its own class and kind.

It is also noteworthy to mention that the Company is currently in the process of having its projects accredited by PAG-IBIG, and as well in the process of increasing its authorized capital stocks from five million pesos (Php 5,000,000.00) to ten million pesos (Php 10,000,000.00).


CHASTEN TRADING has been in the business for twelve (12) years. Since its humble beginning it has grown to be a trustworthy supplier of hardware products and materials. In its twelve (12) years of existence it has established not only good reputation on its customers but as well to its suppliers.  It has remained committed in providing total solutions to the needs of every customer….giving them a convenient one stop shop for their needs in every edifice construction and improvement.



SPRINGVILLE GARDEN’S CAFÉ is relaxing venue with free WI-FI spot situated at ground floor of Lagman-Garcia Building at Molino III, Bacoor City, Cavite. Uniquely design to make every customer comfortable and calm as they indulge themselves into appetizing food and refreshing drinks. The place is also a perfect venue for all occasions and events and provides an ambiance that will surely uplift your mood.


CAFE LANZO is the new business affiliated with Lagman-Garcia Inc. It was established last August 2014 and is now the newest “talk of town”. It offers a relaxing venue where customers could dine, socialize and even play board games. Café Lanzo aims to serve the best coffee in the Philippines by using the number one coffee originally exported from Vietnam. Aside from coffee, the café offers a wide variety of drinks from smoothies, frappucino, milk shakes and the latest craze in the market, milk teas. It also offers a combination of Filipino, American and Mexican Food that will surely capture the Filipino’s taste. As of 2015, Café Lanzo is now open for franchising and branching out, targeting a range of 10-20 stores within the next three (3) years.