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JOE G. LAGMAN, President and CEO of LAGMAN – GARCIA INC., born on November 26, 1963 is a Filipino businessman and philanthropist. Married to Ms. NESELY NOLIE C. GARCIA and has been blessed with four (4) children. JOE G. LAGMAN is indeed a business minded person, he finds himself interested in anything connected with business most particularly on construction, designs, real estate, property management and hardware industry.

JOE G. LAGMAN was born in Quezon, Nueva Ecija. He completed his secondary education in FEATI UNIVERSITY and earned his degree in BACHELOR IN ARCHITECTURE at FEU UNIVERSITY.

After college, JOE G. LAGMAN decided to work at the RIZAL PROVINCIAL CAPITOL in Pasig, Planning Division. After two years of working at the Rizal Provincial Capitol he was hired in the Operations Department of KOREA ZENITAKA CONSTRUCTION, a Japan Grant – Aid Project in the Philippines.  Three years thereafter JOE G. LAGMAN entered the Operations Department of one of the largest and well known engineering, builders and construction company in the country, the A.M. ORETA & CO. INC.(AMO). JOE G. LAGMAN’s connection with AMO refined him more as to every aspect of construction operations. After which JOE G. LAGMAN entered into MEGA WORLD CORPORATION, for three (3) years he was at the Operations Department of the said company joining the team with its vision of promoting corporate social responsibility by organizing and supporting educational and charitable programs geared towards the social and economic development of the less privileged. In addition to the above JOE G. LAGMAN was once also a consultant of JCI Land located in Mandaluyong.

Sometime in 1992, JOE G. LAGMAN started his business career by engaging into small business entrepreneurship under the name of “Master Cedric Fried Chicken”. He started the business with only one (1) branch in Pedro Gil, Manila which eventually flourish and was overwhelmingly accepted by the public. In just a matter of three (3) years the single branch located at P. Gil became two, three, and four and so on and so forth until it became ten (10), widely spread not only in Manila but in Quezon City as well.

Having gain adequate capital, JOE G.LAGMAN decided to try his chances in design and construction. The early years of the company provided so much opportunity with MR. LAGMAN, ripening and polishing his skills in design and construction. But just like any other company it came to a point that the company has to be dissolved. The dissolution of the company however did not bring down the desire of MR. LAGMAN to reach success, moving in Cavite with his family he again decided to open his Master Cedric Fried Chicken. As anticipated the same yielded him so much earnings and as it continue to grow he decided to try the hardware industry. Being a person gifted with a business mind, as expected, the hardware business flourish and gave MR. LAGMAN a great deal of chances and breaks. From the success of it (CHASTEN TRADING), The LAGMAN – GARCIA INC., was formed and all the rest is history.