Wednesday 21st March 2018

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Hardware Business For Sale

Floor Plan


Floor area: 211 sq.m.
Lot area: 211 sq.m.

Office with T&B, warehouse with T&B,
stock shelves area, display built-in shelves

Properties for Sale:


Lot Area (SQM.) 211
Floor Area (SQM.) 211
TCP Php 4,900,000.00
DP Payable in 12mos. (0% Interest) Php 122,500.00/month
Available thru Bank Financing 70% Balance Php 3,430,000.00


**Reservation fee required which shall be deducted from TCP.
**Reservation fee forfeited after 30 days from the time of payment.
**Move in 15 days after payment of the DP.