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LGI’s buying  assistance, specially  formed to facilitate to buy Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Warehouse or any other form of real property in a professional and hassle free manner. Going beyond the domain of regular property buying. LGI Property management Services process offers detailed and personalized on your favorite properties in Cavite or any nearby provinces and cities.

Once we start the property buying procedure, we will short list 2 to 3 properties on weekly basis that interest you, which reduces your effort to search or hunt the property as we play that role for  you.

As per your requirement, please find the details of the Property buying services

Property buying Assistance – Buying Process

If you wish to buy property, we are the right people to guide you. We offer unbiased views and fair assessment of property. We provide the following services in this domain:

Property Assessment Report

A physical visit to the property to assess the locational advantages and other associated factors like proximity to utilities, hospitals, schools, etc. shall be undertaken. An assessment report will be prepared after the visit. The report will contain the below items:
i. Approachability to the property
ii. Location and its pros/cons
iii. Details about the building & facilities available in the property
iv. Status of the construction if the building is still under construction
v. Detail about the age of the property if it is a resale property.

1.  Every week we will highlight 2 to 3 properties that meets your requirements and give a detailed report on the same inclusive of photographs, our assessment of the project or property, resale property, builders name and entire details etc.
2. We will shortlist properties amount mentioned above and arrange site visit on weekly basis, specially on weekends up to your comport level.
3. On Finalization, handle negotiations and paperwork.

Legal Scrutiny Report

Scrutiny of property papers like Sale Deed, Transfer Certificate Title, Encumbrance Certificates, Tax Paid Receipts, various clearances, Court clearances, etc. to find out the ownership and marketability of the property.

This legal verification will be done by an experience paralegal on request of the client and fees for the legal advice and documentation will be separate.

Assistance with Bank Loan

If you are going in for a bank loan, we can provide you with information and contacts of different banks for you to make the right choice and will assist you completely in the process.

Post Purchase & Delivery Assistance

We will also assist in obtaining Encumbrance certificate, Transfer Certificate Title, and payment of property tax after registration